One of the most interesting facets of our curriculum is ‘Robotics ‘classes that have been allied to Computers to assimilate it into the regular time table. Robotics works on the principles of coding and programming giving and it is the need of the hours. It makes the students think analytically keeping all the algorithms right to get a robot working. The Robotics kit has also been designed for it.Giving a due emphasis to Coding, online classes are also arranged.

Sciences and Mathematics are subjects wherein the concept of ‘Learning By Doing’ holds a special place and with the specially designed students’ activity kits, we trigger learning. Every student gets these kits with manuals designed according to the syllabus and they are made to use the equipment in the kits to draw implications. These kits are well incorporated in the curriculum and are used chapter specifically during classes.


Trips and excursions are essential to see the outer world and to conduct ourselves away from our own turf. The school comes in to cover this aspect of student hood also by arranging excursions and tours to the historical places; science centers and places of the students to the outer world.

To impart the basics of coding, The Learning Field conducts coding classes for the students. They are taught by experts who have years of experience in coding. This will help the future geniuses prepare well before entering the professional world.

To help our students learn science in a fun way, we provide them with well-designed science activity kits. These help in experiential learning so the students can remember the concepts for a long time and in a fun way.

Indoor games offer much-needed relief from regular classwork and that too without the exhaustion that comes with outdoor sports for students who prefer a quieter respite. Games like chess, board games and so much more contribute to the mental well-being of students. The school makes great efforts to draw out the students’ innate talents by encouraging them and providing them with special training as per their capabilities. Our students enjoy indoor games such as:

·         Wall Climbing

·         Table Tennis

·         Carrom

·         Chess