Vision & Mission

To become an institution with global learning standards and values that can groom life-long learners and leaders of tomorrow.

To achieve excellence in learning both within the classroom and beyond. To empower teachers to guide children with means to construct knowledge. To bring back an element of joy to school, helping students become independent life-long imbued with sound ethics, who would rise up to the challenges of life creativity and enthusiastically in an ever-changing world.

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chairman's message

The Learning Field – A Global School ,Moga is   a   progressive,   secular,   child   centered, co-educational school, committed to providing quality education to all its students . At The learning Field School, the learning process is seen as one that is both challenging   and   enjoyable.   We   believe  education   should   foster   creativity, independent thinking, exploration and experimentation as a lifelong process.

Our aim is to develop students who are aware, socially responsible, creative, clear thinking, explorative and with good self management and interactive skills; qualities necessary to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing society.

I understand that you entrust our school with your most precious possession, your child. We take this responsibility very seriously and we work hard at TLF to provide a safe and caring community for each and every student. As I feel by providing such school climate, students will feel comfortable and challenge themselves to reach their true potential. In addition to building positive school environment, I believe parent engagement is essential component of your child’s education. I urge every parent to become as involved in school activities as possible and support school system in their endeavour  to  educate  their  child.  I  believe  that  together  we  can  make  TLF  a wonderful  school.  The Learning Field – A Global School , Moga  is  like  a  joint  family comprised of each one of you like a ray becoming when passed through a prism. We hope and pray that each child studying in this institution will be inspired and energized to carve a rightful place under the sky.

principal's message

We believe that young people grow and learn through experiences. It is these experiences which lay the foundation of our behavior and guide us to “Values”. As values are seen growing from students’ experience we would expect that these could be altered as experiences accumulate and change. Hence, processes are as important as product. We therefore encourage children to make informed choices and to make them freely. Help children discover alternatives when faced with choices, weigh alternatives thoughtfully reflecting on the consequences of each alternative. Encourage children to consider what it is that they prize and cherish, give them opportunities to affirm their choices, encourage them to act, behave and live in accordance with their choices.

TLF aims to attain the objective of creating individuals who are responsible, disciplined and independent to make the right choice.

Parents, students’ and the school authorities are a team and complement each other’s efforts. Discipline is an integral aspect of growth as it helps to develop self-control. Freedom can only be effectively exercised if it is guided by discipline. Team work is an essential aspect of growth and self-discipline helps us to learn to sacrifice individual interest for the greater common good.

I thank you for bestowing your faith and confidence in us in guiding your child towards this end.

Binny kaur